A spiritual coming together, a celebration of man and animal moving over the land together....
A tradition...a viaggio, a journey, moving the animals from high mountain pasture to lower valley pasture for winter... celebrated with bells on the animals and traditional costume.

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The Cavalieri of the Maremma, herded 20 Maremma cattle , some with their calves, and 20 colts, on a journey, a "viaggio dell’anima", 600 kilometers, from Italy to France...through valleys, mountains, through villages, through the streets of Provence, and finally to the port of Marseille.
Joining... the white horses and the black bulls of the Carmarque.
A mixing of traditions, a grande festa, young and old.....a dialogue with nature
and animals.. 6,000 animals, horses, colts, cows, mules, geese, dogs, sheep, and goats. Cavaliere, cowboys, shepherds, herdsmen, ranch hands, acrobats, artists... Italian and French together, heralding the importance of celebrating and mixing Mediterranean culture....carrying a song...the realization of a utopia through the relation between man and animal... a new migration toward the future.

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Review by Lisa Esherick, April 2015